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Automatic blood culture instrument BC64
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Automatic blood culture instrument BC64

BC automatic blood culture analysis system by constant temperature system, swaying motion system, testing system, control system and power system calculation, adopting continuous monitoring technology, used in the blood and aseptic humoral specimens rapid detection of pathogenic microorganisms, can meet the clinical diagnosis of blood stream infection, to provide basis for clinical antibiotic treatment.
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【Product number】

【Product Usage】
This product is used for automated culture and detection of microorganisms in clinical human blood or other sterile body fluids.

【Performance advantage】
Extensibility: Instrument models BC32, BC64, BC128, BC256, to meet the needs of different users
◆Accuracy: continuous monitoring technology, multiple mathematical model operations, false negative rate 0, false positive rate 0.03%
◆Stability: The equipment runs stably, and the whole machine runs for 30,000 hours without failure.

【Detect more intelligently】
Can carry out blood and sterile body fluid sample culture testing
◆Independent detection position to ensure synchronous identification of culture flasks
◆High-precision temperature control system to ensure the temperature inside the box
◆Modular design, support unit expansion, meet the needs of various laboratories

【Easy to operate】
"Scan bottle release" in one step, reducing workload
◆Bidirectional LIS connection facilitates the exchange of patient data and result data
◆Double barcode management to ensure the unique traceability of culture bottles
◆Dynamic Discovery multi-color light instantly displays the status of culture flasks in the system
◆Using sound, light and color alarm functions to report results at any time

[The report is more accurate]
Continuous monitoring technology to ensure timely reporting of experimental results
◆A variety of mathematical model operations, support "delay bottle" processing
◆Lower testing plus negative and false positive rates

Requires/anaerobic culture flask (colorimetric method)

【full of nutrition】
Add a variety of growth factors to ensure that fungi and fastidious bacteria are not missed;
◆The average reporting time of Neisseria, Haemophilus and Streptococcus is 18 hours (50cfu/ml);
◆Special L-shaped bacteria culture bottle to improve the rejuvenation of L-shaped bacteria

【Strong compatibility】
Suitable for BC automatic culture system
◆Compatible with imported blood culture systems

【Stable performance】
The average detection time of pathogenic bacteria is significantly shortened
◆Stored at room temperature, more convenient for clinical use

【High security】
Using polycarbon high fiber culture bottle to ensure biological safety
◆High strength, high transparency, high air tightness
◆Light and reduce the cost of waste bottle disposal

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© 2022  Zhuhai Meihua Medical Technology Co., Ltd.  All rights reserved.   粤ICP备2022023050号   SEO